Top pajamas trends for the year 2022


The novelty of the design and style is still relevant at the time of the deserved rest, the goodness of cotton in loungewear reinforce the qualities of the fiber, softer and suitable for all types of weather, as it allows the skin to breathe, bringing comfort to the night’s sleep, that is why it is important to take it into account in your purchase decision, in the same way, do not forget to be in tune with the trends and the latest fashion trends for the night rest, for this reason in cocotfyma we want to share a top of trends and styles of pajamas for women that will make your imagination fly as high as your dreams:


  • Pant Palazzo Elena: Two-piece set that gives comfort and style to your nights of sleep, fresh, soft, comfortable and light, designed especially for you. The perfect combination of style and comfort, for every moment of the day. Complement your outfit with organic cotton loungewear for added benefit.


  • Alma Organic Jogger: Jogger pants, cool, soft, comfortable and lightweight, designed especially for you, the perfect combination of style and comfort, for all times of the day, complement your outfit with the Alma Line garments in organic cotton that we bring for you, Ideal for this winter season, to be fresh and light when you need it most, even to go to sleep.


  • Elena – Long sleeve: Its freshness, softness and comfort is designed especially for you. Ideal for daily use, to be at home, to go out, to do sports or to sleep, Ideal for the winter seasons, to be fresh and light when you need it most.


A good rest is accompanied by space, comfort and as a consequence the quality of sleep, this influences our daily tasks, how well you feel, the material and its benefits influence it, choosing the ideal garment becomes a challenge of comfort, welfare and design.

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