cotton socks

5 reasons why you should wear organic cotton socks

cotton socks

The cotton is the material known par excellence for the most skin-friendly clothing. If we talk about underwear, those garments made with cotton are the preferred ones, because thanks to the properties of cotton, underwear does not irritate, does not generate allergies and takes care of the skin.

As for the averagesThe ideal ones are those that can withstand our day-to-day activities and the sports we do in an optimal way. We should go for those socks made of durable fabric, which allow your feet to breathe and are comfortable. For this reason, we recommend that your socks are made of cotton.

In this article we will tell you the top 5 reasons why you should wear organic cotton socks.


The cotton is characterized by being a strong fabric. Unlike other types of fabrics, cotton tends to be resistant, especially when wet. That is why cotton cloth is also used for cleaning or disinfecting. In addition, it should be taken into account that in order for the fabric to last for a long time, the necessary care must be taken. That is to say, we must know how to wash and dry our cotton garments to last a long time.


The ideal socks allow your feet to breathe easy. Especially when wearing closed shoes, it is important that the socks absorb moisture to keep the feet ventilated and thus avoid unpleasant odors or even infections that could be caused by synthetic fabrics.

Cotton complies with the above mentioned characteristics. It will allow your skin to breathe properly and for this reason it is recommended to use cotton garments for physical activity or, indeed, any kind of activity.

Comfort and softness

The cotton is, par excellence, the preferred material for underwear. This is due to the fact that, in addition to its properties, the cotton is gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. Cotton garments will also prevent uncomfortable rubbing that irritates the skin, which is why cotton is ideal for undergarments.


In addition to being comfortable organic cotton has the property of being hypoallergenic. That is, it does not generate skin allergies. For this reason, we recommend that if you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies, you use cotton garments.

In addition, cotton has the property of regulating the PH of the skin, perfect for taking care of the most delicate areas.

Absorption capacity

If you sweat a lot, cotton cotton garments are ideal for you. In addition to allowing your skin to breathe, cotton has the ability to absorb liquid, which will prevent fungus or infection.


The organic cotton socks are ideal for everyday use or sports activities. In addition, they are perfect because they will not generate foot fungus, will allow the skin to breathe properly, will not generate allergies and will be comfortable. Now that you know all the benefits of cotton stockingsCocotFyma has the ideal ideal models of organic cotton stockings for you.

CocotFyma tip: How to wash organic cotton clothes?

To wash your organic cotton organic cotton you should keep in mind a few tips. First, separate your garments by color. You don’t want your light, dark and colored clothes to get together and stain. In addition, we recommend that you wash your garments in organic cotton inside out, so as not to damage the front of the garment.

Secondly, check the temperature of the water where you will wash or of the washing machine. Although cotton can withstand high temperatures, it is better to wash it in cold or warm water to improve its durability. In the same way, we advise you not to use the dryer for your cotton garments, as the high temperatures will cause them to shrink.