Benefits of wearing sustainable underwear

When choosing underwear We look for garments that are comfortable, soft and stylish, but in addition to these features, many women today are looking for garments made from materials such as organic cotton, which is sustainable and environmentally friendly. organic cotton which is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Sustainable underwear

At Cocotfyma we seek to take care of the environment that surrounds us, at the same time that we care for the health and comfort of those who wear our garments, that is why we have created a line of underwear and outerwear made with organic cotton that has the GOST Certificate (Global Organic Textile Standard).

This certification ensures that the materials we use in our garments are respectful of the environment and the health of those who wear them. It also seeks to protect the rights and fair working conditions of the people who grow this cotton.

Why wear organic underwear?

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Organic underwear
  • If you are looking to be a responsible consumer, organic cotton is the ideal fabric for you.
  • By wearing organic cotton garments, you contribute to a positive impact on organic cotton farming communities, natural resources and the planet.
  • This fabric conforms to your body, does not cause allergies or irritation, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin. It is more breathable and cooler than other fabrics, as it does not contain chemicals, you will feel less humidity and suffer less infections.
  • Softness assured, organic cotton is very soft to the touch, does not generate discomfort, its elastic is less tight, adapting to the shape of your body.

What differentiates organic cotton from conventional cotton?

Sustainable organic cotton
  • To produce conventional cotton, a large amount of water must be used, since it does not resist the lack of this resource.
  • For conventional cotton cultivation, a large amount of pesticides and insecticides are used, and the pests of this type of crop are becoming increasingly resistant, so stronger and stronger chemicals must be used.
  • The use of chemicals also degrades soils, water flows and farmers’ health.
  • Organic cotton production does not use large amounts of water, usually using stored water or rainwater for irrigation.
  • With organic cotton, no chemicals such as pesticides or insecticides are used, farmers control pests naturally, so they are not exposed to toxins generated by pesticides and insecticides.
  • Organic cotton crops pollute streams less and protect soil fertility, allowing fresh, organic vegetables to be grown.

Does organic underwear help prevent infections?

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Vaginal infections

One of the most frequent causes of vaginal infections in women is the use of synthetic materials in their underwear. These types of materials can generate heat in the intimate area, thus increasing the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.

That’s why in Cocotfyma we’ve created a organic underwear line organic underwear line, which protects women’s intimate health and is much gentler and more comfortable on your skin.

Visit our website and find your next organic cotton intimate apparel.

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