World Underwear Day

World Underwear Day: Celebrate it with the best underwear

The clothing underwear, the clothing we wear underneath visible clothing primarily to protect sensitive areas of the body, has its celebration, but:

When is this day and why is it celebrated?

A tribute to underwear was held for the first time on August 5, 2013. It was all part of the initiative of the online lingerie store Freshpair, who created this activity to show off the best lingerie finery and since then it continues to be held annually.

This holiday seeks that underwear is seen in a different way; not only as a garment that is under the clothes, but as what it can offer you; that is to say, quality, subtlety, sensuality and elegance.

The value of underwear

Underwear is important in your day to day life, but we don’t just wear it for aesthetics, but also for the comfort it provides and for the intimate health benefits it represents when we wear the right garments.

Women’s underwear revolutionizes women’s beauty because it speaks of styles and experiences, experiences that make us more and more aware of taking care of ourselves.

This garment can be of different shapes as cacheteros, yarns, boxersIt can have different colors, but the important thing is that you feel comfortable wearing it, that it makes you feel confident when you wear it and that you feel sexy when you show it.

How do you celebrate CocotFyma World Underwear Day?

For the third year in a row we have been celebrating International Underwear Day international underwear day, it is an important date for usIt is an important date for us because we celebrate our products that cause so much safety and comfort in you, and this year we have a great surprise.

This August 2022 we seek to create a unique and special product, with a launch on the day of the underwear, a garment that will accompany you in your daily life and make you feel comfortable.

It is a sustainable option because we use our best organic cotton fabrics to create this magnificent product, the Alba Cachetero, which is a limited edition and for the only time will be on sale with unique prices while stock lasts.

Cachetero Alba

The Alba Slingback is made with organic cotton, a soft fabric that will give you security, flexibility and above all comfort in all your activities.

If you are a lover of comfort, this boxer briefs in cotton cotton boxer briefs will be ideal for you, since it does not have elastic for greater freedom of movement.

The Alba Cachetero is a special product that you will love, you will love to wear it every day because it will be your perfect companion for every occasion. It will fit you perfectly and make you feel in harmony with yourself.