Fair Trade

Since 2009, PROMPERÚ provides exporting companies and companies with export potential in the textile, apparel and home furnishings sector with the standard for Good Fair Trade Practices Certification (GFTP). This is a national seal» whose requirements are oriented towards the achievement of a responsible work style within the company, as well as with its suppliers and customers, showing transparency and respect in trade between them.

The Good Fair Trade Practices program is based on ten criteria and their respective indicators, which have been designed following the parameters contained in the existing international BPCJ systems within the framework of fair trade. It is a program that obtains its validity through a second-party verification process, in which companies seeking certification must undergo an evaluation process based on criteria and indicators defined by PROM PERU and consequently audited by a third party (auditing firm). according to ISO and international Fair Trade standards.

The criteria and indicators are as follows:

  • Creating opportunities for Stakeholders
  • Internal and external transparency
  • Business practices
  • Skills development
  • Fair Trade Promotion
  • Payment of the fair price
  • Equal treatment
  • Working Conditions
  • Child labor
  • Respect for the environment


These criteria have been derived from FLO, which complies with ISO 65, and WFTO, whose mission is to improve the living conditions and welfare of disadvantaged producers by linking with and promoting fair trade organizations, advocating for greater fairness in the global exchange of goods.

Once the company obtains the certification, after evaluation, it is granted the right to use the Fair Trade Good Practices Seal, according to what is indicated in the Rules of Use. Having this certification contributes to the improvement of its business management, its traceability systems, greater competitiveness and improves its image due to the corporate social responsibility actions it reelects. It also generates a better use of market opportunities, especially in the ethical economy and fair trade sectors.