Organic cotton underwear

Today, caring for the environment is important, which is why more and more people opt for the use of organic cotton instead of common cotton, and beyond the softness that this provides and its absence of toxic residues, it has benefits for the skin and health, and is that with the use of it, the skin breathes and transpires better, reduces the possibility of allergic reactions, provides a sense of well-being and of course, having garments of this material, contributes to the ecosystem.

For Cocotfyma, the main input for the production of its various garments is certified organic cotton, which contributes to improving the quality of life of people and reduces the environmental impact generated by conventional cotton, because by not using insecticides and pesticides, it does not generate pollution. In a world that is increasingly oriented towards sustainability and care for the planet, we want to make a contribution by promoting, through this consumption, the hiring of people who work with these crops under decent working conditions and in healthy conditions.