The perfect underwear lace, beyond differences

the perfect underwear lace

The perfect underwear lace, beyond appearance.

When we want to find underwear We are limited by stereotypes that refer to body, size, fit and what we consider fits our appearance, but in reality, the experience of shopping for women’s underwear should be a delight of security, confidence and self-love, because there are no differences that can be distinguished when it comes to universal beauty that characterizes every woman.

Finding the perfect fit is a task of recognition and individual identity with those garments that make us feel good, comfortable, confident and radiant, whether they are hipsters, string, boxers or bikinis.The important thing is that they adapt to our personal feelings and not to what we consider adequate to the external forces that lead us to feel insecure, the size does not matter, we are beautiful in any way, how about surprising your lover with a special garment? or choosing that garment that makes you feel comfortable to face the daily routines? in this process of decision making it is important to consider 4 factors that we want to share from COCOTFYMA that will make you feel spectacularly comfortable beyond the lace:


Understand that each garment deserves an occasion is not indifferent with underwear, choose according to the season, season and objective, how about feeling lighter? o Surprise your loved one with a special garment?

Comodidad y experiencia

Feeling comfortable is part of the experience, beyond the occasion and design, it is important that the garment does not represent any headache when performing our daily activities, enjoy a good sports routine or simply rest, so choose according to what makes you feel more comfortable, you know yourself very well.


In COCOTFYMA we back our products with the best supplies and materials, 100% cotton underwear that makes our promise of quality and comfort a reality for our customers with every purchase.


Quality, price and design, we don’t need more! choose according to your tastes, the variety of styles and designs that you will find in will give you the delight of choosing the garment that best suits your style.

As an additional tip and to close this note, we want to let you know the most practical way to buy underwear online, enter now to our store and meet all our offer of underwear, receive in the comfort of your home just a couple of clicks away.

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