High-cut braids

They are also known as complete trunksfull trunks, are those that have good coverage at the hip and are high at the waist.

They are a must-have classic in every woman’s underwear drawer, they are comfortable, practical and sexy, ideal to wear when you want to stylize your figure.

Types of high-cut braids:

Here are some models of high-cut tights for women:

Truza completa
Su diseño es completo, tienen un ajuste perfecto al cuerpo y tienen excelente cubrimiento de cadera y abdomen.
Truza de control
Modelo ideal para estilizar la figura, son altas en la cintura y tienen cubrimiento completo de cadera y abdomen.
Truza orgánica
Tiene cubrimiento completo en cadera, laterales y parte trasera. El algodón orgánico es suave con tu piel.