Color? key factor when buying underwear

When it comes to dressing for every occasion, choose well and pay special attention to the color, stitching and design of our lingerie. underwear or lingerie may be for many a task that can not take much time, in practice most women do give importance to these factors when making decisions about a purchase, especially when we do it online either by direct sales through catalogs or through online storesmarketplaces and other digital channels.


The color factor becomes as important as price and quality, every occasion, season and even mood, do you know anything about the so-called color psychology, indeed, is one of the main reasons why our brain and emotions through the perception of color are connected with our feelings, thoughts, decisions and in some cases even respond to immediate actions of our physical condition through stimulation, for this reason in cocotfyma we prepared 5 key tips when choosing the color of your underwear in a timely manner, taking into account that what is important first is the set of sensations it causes in you and how it feels to you, taking into account the set of factors mentioned above:

  • If your preferred choice is warm colors, keep in mind that they represent passion, love, enthusiasm and energy, they stimulate seduction, and combining them even in the right way can lead to a number of positive emotions that depend on the occasion.
  • The cool colors usually cause less thermal sensations in our brain, while still representing neutrality, versatility, seriousness and elegance, so they are appropriate for more formal occasions.
  • As for pastel shades, they are a soft blend of romantic tones that create a sense of calm and well-being.
  • The neutral colors are characterized by being more radical, in the case of white with purity and cleanliness, in the case of black with elegance and seriousness, gray represents a neutrality between conservative and modern.
  • Combining colors is also an option, experiment now that you know more about the psychology of color applied to underwear and surprise yourself, after all; the most important thing is how you feel. underwear and surprise yourself, after all; the most important thing is how you feel.

Choose the color of your underwear now is much simpler, you understand the factors, occasion, sensation and intention, learn more about our underwear offer at cocotfymawhere you will find a varied offer of designs, colors and combinations that will make your next purchase an experience of emotions and sensations.

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